G         AB         R          H         HR       SO        AVG.      OBP.      SLG 


2845   11526   1986     3574     280      1914     .310       .379      .445


Services We Offer:

Tournament Scheduling

Ordering of Uniforms

Acquiring Team Insurance

Ordering of Team Equipment

Team practices will be held at your local community field, park, facilities and gymnasiums. Our organization will provide a free instructional camp or clinic with each of our teams. We will provide instructional baseball articles that have been written based on information gathered throughout our 31 years of baseball experience. All information stems from collegiate baseball programs such as Indiana University, Vanderbilt University, and Florida State University to name a few. We will provide a free college recruiting service for those athletes that want to move on and compete at the college level. 

​​​​​Consider joining the Indiana Trailblazers Organization and allow us to do all the behind the scenes work. Let our organization take care of scheduling tournaments, ordering uniforms, acquiring team insurance, and ordering certain team equipment.  We believe in keeping travel expense at a minimum for teams and families, so as to not cause a household financial crisis during the season for our members.  As an organization we are committed to helping our teams organize and conduct fundraisers to help offset the travel expense for our families and players as well.

The Indiana Trailblazers is a Southern Indiana based travel sports organization that features baseball, softball as well as boys and girls basketball.  Our age groups for all sports are 7u through 18u. We will compete in Southern Indiana events and as we prosper, we will compete in various regions around the Midwest. If our coaches and teams inquire about expanding the travel circuit at any time, we will most definitely work with them in doing so.

Team Name- Indiana Trailblazers

Travel Sports Rules- High School Sports Rules and Regulations 11U - 18U / Little League Rules for ages 7U - 10U

You can coach a travel sports team in your community where players will be from your local league or surrounding area leagues.  The team practices will be held at your local community fields, parks, facilities and gymnasiums.

The Indiana Trailblazers want to encourage all teams to remain and participate in the community leagues during the week and Trailblazer athletics on designated weekends.  We encourage our young athletes to participate in the local All-Star teams and tournaments.  We want to work with the local leagues and communities as well as provide the opportunity to play competitive sports with high school rules.

Our organization will schedule Trailblazer teams to participate in tournaments in Southern Indiana.  This keeps travel expense for our members at a low cost.  We will leave open weekend dates for family vacations and down time for players.  We do not intend to overwork our players; our goal is to increase their development as an all-around athlete.  Travel sports programs help develop a player’s skills faster as well as prepare them for high school athletics at a young age. It also makes athletes more competitive in the local leagues and All-Star tournaments.  

The Trailblazer Organization will take care of all tournament scheduling.  Coaches can run team workouts and coach games without having to worry about the administrative duties.  We encourage coaches to find practice locations in their communities for the benefit of families and players.  Some coaches may have connections in their communities with schools and local leagues.  

As an organization we will provide a free instructional camp or clinic with our coaches and athletes for each team.  Dates will need to be set along with camp/clinic location.  We will also be available to participate in occasional practices and workouts only if coaches ask us to do so.  We will be there to assist with the workout and provide instructional drills and techniques for advanced player development.  Coaches will be in charge of these workouts, we are only in attendance to assist.

Trailblazer Organization will also send instructional booklets and articles that have been written and accumulated throughout our 31 years of coaching and private instruction.  These items will be sent through coaches and parents emails and should provide a teaching tool for athletes to improve their overall skill level.  

Fund Raising will be an option for teams if they choose to participate in them, so athletes and families can keep costs to a minimum.  Let us know if this is an option and we will help you with fund raising ideas and scheduling.  If our schedule permits, we will also participate in the fund raiser along side of our players and families.

The Trailblazers will provide teams with insurance, ordering of uniforms, practice baseballs/softballs/basketballs and selected team equipment.  We will also furnish first aid kits, line up cards, and scorebooks.  

For our high school age travel teams, we will provide a recruiting service for those athletes that want to move on and compete at the college level.  This service is provided free for Trailblazer members. We will attempt to place these teams in College Showcase Events.  If this proves to be too expensive, we will contact college coaches on behalf of the players and inform them of our tournament schedule and locations.  This will bring college coaches to specifically view our Trailblazer players and evaluate their athletic skills.  We will assist and advice our athletes on the importance of a workout/showcase video to send or provide college coaches.

The Trailblazer Organization will provide our families of high school athletes, information on college recruiting and walk them through the process of selecting the right college for their son or daughter.  We will provide information on the recruiting process (NCAA Rules and Regulations) and how players can make sure they are seen by college coaches.  The organization will provide information on selecting a college based on out of state school costs compared to an in state school.  How to choose a major or field of study and what that particular type of degree might hold after graduation.  We will provide advice on scholarships, grants, financial aid, as well as S.A.T. and A.C.T. prep work and tests.  

Come join us and be a member of the Indiana Trailblazers Organization!